Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing

Annual Reports

The department is responsible for performing administrative and budgetary services when appropriate to the programs under AS 08.01.010. The department is also mandated investigative and enforcement powers authorized by AS 08.01.087.

The divisionís annual report to the legislature includes for each licensing program that reports to a board or the department the revenue and expenditures both direct and indirect, investigative costs, surplus and deficits, number of licenses, and a statistical analysis of cost per license.

The annual performance reports consist of the following information for each of the division's work units, including professional licensing programs listed in AS 08.01.010 for Fiscal Year 2012:

  • List of programs showing numbers of licensees and the indirect percentage
    assessed to each program in FY 2012
  • Expenditure and revenue as reported in AKSAS (Alaska State Accounting System)
  • Regulation Projects
  • Enforcement Statistics


Professional Licensing Annual Reports and Statistical Overviews by Licensing Program