Our mission is to educate consumers, investigate complaints, identify violations and facilitate resolutions. The Director is advised regarding violations that are discovered. Serious issues that may constitute fraud are referred to our Fraud Investigative Unit.

How we Serve you


Questions can be researched by calling the Consumer Services office at 907-269-7900 or toll-free 800-467-8725 (INSURAK).

Many topics are also addressed on our Product Information page.

Information available to you through the website and consumer services:

  • Shopping Guides for Health, Life, Personal Auto, Annuities, Umbrella and Long-Term Care are available as well as general information on how insurance is sold.
  • Review our annual reports regarding specific companies.
  • Obtain contact and certificate of authority information regarding certain companies.
  • Review law and statute, breaking insurance news, and locate other helpful links and resources.

Complaints are initiated by consumers in writing by completing a complaint form on our web-site, by e-mail or mail. We ask that you attach any documentation that supports your complaint. The supporting information will differ depending on your complaint type. You may choose to send copies of correspondence, records of phone calls, your policy, police reports, explanations of benefits forms, bills, estimates or other information that you believe exemplifies the questionable claim or policy handling you have experienced. Once this form is received we will contact the insurer and provide you with a confirmation and complaint tracking number. The insurer is given 21 days to respond directly to you regarding your initial complaint with a copy to the division. We may have additional questions which have been prompted based on the information in your complaint. If the response they provide reveals additional concerns or fails to answer the previously posed questions we make a new request for documentation with an abbreviated due date.

Identify & Resolve

Information provided in your complaint packet and by the insurance company is reviewed for compliance with Alaska Insurance Law. Violations are forwarded to the Director. Not every insurance issue that you encounter will fall within our regulatory authority. We find that often times in our investigative process we are able to bring problematic claim and policy issues to an insurer's attention that they may not have discovered and corrected otherwise. While we can take action to enforce the law against an insurer if we find that the insurer has violated the law, we cannot act as your attorney, give you legal advice, or guarantee a particular result. The division will take approximately 45 working days to process your complaint.

A few reasons you may decide to file a complaint:

  • Delays in claim handling.
  • Delays in premium refunds.
  • High pressure sales tactics.
  • Underwriting errors.
  • Serious communication problems.
  • You have received conflicting information from your insurer.
  • You believe that your insurer isn't adhering to your insurance policy and/or you believe that a violation of Alaska State Insurance law may have occurred.
  • You have not been given a reasonable explanation regarding an adverse benefits decision.
  • You have not received a timely response to your insurance claim or inquiries.

Information for Consumers