Continuing Education Requirements

Provider FAQ

What are the qualifications to become a provider in Alaska?
Providers must submit an application, pay a fee, and agree to participate in the Division’s online continuing education system available through State Based Systems (SBS). 

How does a provider become approved in Alaska?
A provider may file for approval through SBS

What is the application fee to become a provider?

Are there any other filing fees?
SBS will charge $1 per credit per licensee for course rosters filed through SBS after a licensee has successfully completed the course.

Will the Division send out a renewal notification to the CE provider prior to the provider’s expiration date?
No, it’s the provider’s responsibility to know when the approval expires. The Division will advise the provider when initial approval is obtained as to when the approval expires.

How long is the provider’s approval to offer CE courses valid?
Approval to advertise, sponsor, and offer CE courses will be valid through December 31 of the fourth year after the provider’s approval date.

When can a provider apply for renewal?
A provider may apply for renewal through SBS 60 days prior to their expiration.

What is the provider renewal fee?

What happens if the provider does not renew before its expiration date?
The provider loses all authority to advertise, sponsor, and offer CE courses to Alaska licensees.

If the provider’s approval expires, is there a late renewal period?
Yes. Within 60 days from the provider’s expiration date the provider may submit the CE Provider renewal application through SBS and remit the $100 renewal fee with the $50 late renewal fee. 

Is a provider required to set up notification for upcoming seminars?

What CE documentation is a provider required to maintain and for how long?
Providers are required to maintain for a period of four years all documents related to:
• CE instructors from the date of their termination
• Records relating to the course from the date the course was offered
• All other records

Is a provider subject to the 30 day filing period for courses advertised prior to 1/1/2014 but offered after 1/1/2014 if the course has been approved?
No, the provider is not subject to the 30 day advance notice since the course was approved before the offered date.

Is a provider subject to the 30 day filing period for courses advertised prior to 1/1/2014 but offered after 1/1/2014 if the course has been filed with the director but not yet approved?
If the provider has not received course approval prior to the initial course offering after 1/1/2014, the division will work with the provider on a case by case basis to expedite review and approval.

For providers who have not advertised course availability for 2014 or filed for course approval prior to 1/1/2014, is the provider subject to the course advertising notification requirements?
The provider would be subject to the course approval and course advertising requirements.

See also Course FAQ for Providers.