Biennial Report FAQs

How do I file my biennial report?

Please go to the Corporation’s Section and click on the link “Biennial Reports”

It’s not letting me file my biennial report online.  What do I do?

If you are receiving an error message on the Filing Instruction page that will not permit you to file online:

  1. Print the biennial report and submit it hardcopy to the Corporations Section,
  2. Include any additional forms that may be requested in the error message.
    Forms can be found online at Forms & Fees.
  3. Include the appropriate filing fees.
If you are getting an error message saying your Registered Agent information is incomplete:
  1. Print the biennial report and submit it hardcopy to the Corporations Section,
  2. Include the Statement of Change form, which can be found online at Forms & Fees
  3. Include the appropriate filing fees for all documents.
I am trying to file my biennial report online and it keeps giving me an error message that an official/director/member/manager must be an individual.  What am I suppose to do?

You may be receiving this error message because one or more of your officials currently on record is listed as a “Corporation” and not as an “Individual”.  To proceed with your filing:

  1. Click the “Remove Official” button on the individual official(s) marked as Corporations. 
  2. Click the “Add Official” button and enter/re-enter (if applicable) the official as an “Individual”.

You may choose to file online, making these one-time corrections yourself, and your biennial report will post immediately.  Or you may choose to print and file your biennial report hardcopy, which has a 10-15 business day processing time upon receipt in this office.

It’s not letting me update my registered agent information on the biennial report.

Registered Agent information cannot be changed on a biennial report. The correct (and only) form to update or change registered agent information is the Statement of Change form which can be found on at Forms & Fees. For additional registered agent information click on Registered Agent FAQs.

I have more than one biennial report due for the same entity, what do I do?

If there are multiple biennial reports due for the same entity we encourage you to file online. Remember when filing a delinquent biennial report you should be providing historical information relevant to the time period of each biennial report.

Online biennial report filings post immediately. The online filing system will provide the biennial reports in chronological order with the oldest report due first. Repeat the process until all delinquent biennial reports have been filed. Biennial Report Online Filing

Hardcopy processing time is 10-15 business days. If you prefer to file hardcopy the system will only allow you to print the oldest biennial report due. Biennial Report Hardcopy Filing

To request multiple delinquent hardcopy biennial reports please contact the Corporations Section at (907) 465-2500.

For additional biennial report information go to Biennial Reports.

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