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Go Wild Alaska Style: Boston 2006

The State of Alaska
private Alaska processors and retailers
are bringing the fresh taste of Alaska seafood
to the Boston Seafood Show
for an invitation-only event.

Go Wild Alaska Style: Boston 2006
will be held Monday, March 13
from 5:30 to 10 p.m.

Members of the media must RSVP for location information.

Carefully managed—Alaska seafood is the freshest, wildest and most carefully managed seafood resource in the world. Approximately 56% of the entire U.S. seafood harvest comes from Alaska's waters, and the Alaskan ports of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska and Kodiak were ranked first and fifth in the U.S., respectively, for the value of their fisheries in 2003.

In demand—Export numbers don’t lie, Alaska seafood is in demand world-wide. In 1998 Alaska exported about $1 billion in seafood—once the numbers are completely in for 2005, seafood exports from Alaska are expected to top $2 billion.

Health benefits—Alaska’s marine habitats are nearly pollution-free compared to the rest of the world. Feeding on organic marine organisms, Alaska Seafood is additive-free and provides healthful, natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients and heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats.

Alaska Department of Commerce Commissioner Bill Noll,
national award-winning Alaska Native band Pamyua,
Alaska seafood and tourism experts,
and seafood buyers and sellers
will be on-hand for one-on-one interviews.


For more information, contact Jennifer Payne at (907) 269-4568



Alaska Air Cargo
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Trident Seafoods


Gold Level

American Seafood Group

Icicle Seafoods, Inc.

Silver Level

Yukon River Wild


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