Continuing Education Requirements

Course FAQ for Providers

What is the course application fee?

What documentation is required when submitting a CE course application?

The following documents must be provided when submitting applications for CE courses:

Contact course applications must include
Course Submission and Summary Form
• Course content outline or summary with estimates of the time to be spent on each topic covered
• Contact information for each instructor (name, phone number, email address)
• Grading, evaluation, and course completion criteria
• Explanation of how course attendance will be monitored

Self-study course applications must include
Course Submission and Summary Form
• Course content outline or summary
• Any documents provided to course participants
• Grading, evaluation, and course completion criteria
• Sample examinations

Online courses require addition documentation proving that they have
• Reference materials, graphics, and interactivity
• Instructions on how to register, navigate, and complete the course
• Technical support available during business hours
• A process to verify participant’s ID
• A method of preventing access to the examination until the course has been completed

Will courses be approved on a reciprocal basis?
Yes, however CE providers are still statutorily required to submit all applicable documents listed in above when submitting a course application.

What information must be included in a course advertisement?

• Continuing education provider’s name as approved
• Course title as approved
• Brief description of the course content
• Approved number of credit hours

Contact courses must also include:
• Time, date, and location the course will be offered

When does the approval for a course expire?
Approval for any course expires September 1 of the second year after the date of approval.

When must course rosters be filed with the Division?
Course rosters must be file through SBS within 10 days after the completion of the course.

What information must be included in the course roster?

• Names of the licensees that completed the course
• Licensees’ NPNs
• CE provider’s AK ID number
• Course number
• Number of credits earned by each licensee

For contact courses
• Date the course was completed
• Location of the course
• Name of the instructor(s)

What if the provider fails to submit a course roster within 10 days of course completion date?

The provider will be assessed a $250 fee.

Is the provider required to issue a Certificate of Completion to all licensees that successfully complete a course?


What information must be included in a Certificate of Completion?

• Licensees’ name
• Licensees’ NPN
• CE provider’s name
• CE provider’s AK ID number
• Course number
• Completion date for the course
• Number of credit hours earned
• Date and signature of the authorized designee of the provider

When must a Provider issue a Certificate of Completion to the licensee?

No later than 30 days after the course completion date.

What if the provider does not issue a Certificate of Completion within 30 days of completion of the course?

The provider will be assessed a $20 fee for each late Certificate of Completion.

Is a provider required to notify the Division of any change in the provider’s primary contact person or contact information?

CE providers are required to keep their information on record with the Division up to date. They may do this by editing their contact information through SBS.

Is a provider required to notify the Director of a change to an approved course?

Yes. Any substantial change to an approved course requires the provider to file and receive approval for the new course.

How does a provider renew a CE course?

CE courses may be renewed 60 days prior to and up to their expiration date by paying a $50 renewal fee and completing a CE course renewal application available through SBS.  

What happens if a provider fails to renew a CE course prior to its expiration date?

The provider may no longer advertise, sponsor or offer the course in this state. There will be a 60 day window after the expiration date in which the provider may pay an additional $50 late CE course renewal fee, on top of the regular $50 CE course renewal fee, and reapply for course approval through SBS.

Are there any restrictions on advertising CE courses?

Yes, CE courses may not be advertised before they have been approved by the Division.

What are the filing requirements for a course instructor?
While there are no filing requirements for course instructors, providers are required to include the name and contact information of each instructor teaching a course when applying for a contact course. 

Can anyone instruct a contact course?

No. Only qualified instructors may teach approved CE courses.

A qualified instructor must be trustworthy and meet one of the following qualifications:
• Taught or presented a related subject matter a minimum of 3 of the last 5 years prior to the course
• Currently licensed for subject being taught and in good standing for at least 3 of the last 5 years
• Possesses a recognized professional designation in the subject being taught
• Possesses a college degree in the subject matter taught or presented

What type of college degree is required?

The degree may be an AA equivalent or greater in the subject matter being taught.

What if an instructor has had their license suspended or revoked in any state?
An instructor may still instruct a class if the provider has documented the reasons for the suspension or revocation and includes proof that the individual is now considered in good standing in that particular state. 

See also Provider FAQ.