Tourism Mentorship Assistance Program (TMAP)

Role of the Mentor

Tourism Mentorship Assistance Program

The value in the mentoring process is that successful tourism professionals will have an opportunity to experience the many challenges and difficulties that rural residents face in operating a business (i.e. high fuel costs and delivery charges, expensive transportation, difficulty securing funding, etc). Mentors may include representatives from a wide range of visitor services/hospitality industry (i.e. Bed & Breakfasts, Tour operators, Fishing guides, Artisans, Restaurants/Food service, Retail Store owners, Transportation).

The mentors will provide assistance to the entrepreneur in the following ways:

  • Work with OED to provide customized technical assistance for each participant in business development, marketing, financing, and other relevant areas.
  • Conduct periodic site visits to the entrepreneur’s community and business
  • Gain a greater understanding of the challenges tourism business owners confront in rural Alaska
  • Review the progress of project participants and perform an assessment of their business while on site
  • Develop a tailored training and technical assistance plan for their entrepreneur.
  • Assist in developing a marketing strategy for each participant.