Tourism Mentorship Assistance Program (TMAP)

Role of the Entrepreneur

Tourism Mentorship Assistance Program

Participants will also benefit by gaining a greater understanding of the entrepreneurial qualities and elements that are essential to running a successful tourism venture. Overall, the participants will be able to work and learn under the guidance of tourism and hospitality professionals and benefit from the experience and acumen of established tourism business owners and entrepreneurs.

The tourism mentorship assistance program will assist the entrepreneur in the following ways:

  • Firsthand observation and experience of the tourism visitor industry in action through site-visits to their mentors’ business.
  • Direct consultations with their mentors who can provide considerable consultative expertise in the visitor services industry. The mentor can provide advice and comments on how to develop a business and be successful based on their own experiences.
  • Support and encouragement to apply the business development skills that they have learned from D.A.R.T. workshops and trainings in their own businesses.