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Office of Fisheries Development

Pink Salmon Product Development Project, 1985-1987

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Introduction Pages

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

A. History of Pink Salmon Production and Value in Alaska
B. Pink Salmon Product Development: Major Milestones
C. Production Conclusions
D. Rancidity Control
E. Product Form 8
F. Fillet Production Methods
G. Mince Production Methods
H. Market Testing
I. Conclusions

II. Production Methodology

A. 1985
    Equipment Used and Handling Procedures
B. 1986
    Production Runs for AFDF /Crapo Stability Studies
    Experimental and Production Runs at Seafoods from Alaska
    North Pacific Processors

III. Product Evaluation and Testing

A. 1984 Buyers Standards
B. 1985 Production
    Lot Grading
    1985 Bacteriological Tests
C. 1986 Product Evaluation
    Seafoods from Alaska Product
    North Pacific Processors Product

IV. Functional Analysis and Rancidity Control

A. Commerce /NMFS Tests
B. Kodiak FITC and NMFS Experiments
    Results and Discussion

V. Foodservice Market Testing

A. Summary
B. Summary of Results/Projections
C. Recommendations / Conclusions

VI. Industry Review

A. Advisory Committees
B. NPP Final Report

VII. Conclusions

A. Production
B. Marketing

VIII. Appendices

Appendix A. Major Food Company Notes
Appendix B. Market Leads and Information
Appendix C. Focus Group Report and Recipes
Appendix D. 86 QC Data
Appendix E. Production Educational Materials

1. Fillet Production
2. Statistical Quality Control
3. Sanitation