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Anchorage Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Jane Boer Local Government Specialist 269-4548 jane.boer@alaska.gov
Taunnie Boothby Planner 269-4583 taunnie.boothby@alaska.gov
Manjula Boyina Research Analyst 269-7959 manjula.boyina@alaska.gov
Ron Brown State Assessor 269-4605 ronald.brown@alaska.gov
Allan Carraway Administrative Assistant 269-4501 allan.carraway@alaska.gov
Eileen Collins Local Government Specialist 269-4587 eileen.collins@alaska.gov
Sally Cox Local Government Specialist 269-4588 sally.cox@alaska.gov
Katie Cruthers Grants Administrator 269-4561 katie.cruthers@alaska.gov
Joel Del Rosario Administrative Officer 269-4535 joel.delrosario@alaska.gov
Robin Eleazer Local Government Specialist 269-4549 roberta.eleazer@alaska.gov
Katherine Eldemar Division Director 269-4501 katherine.eldemar@alaska.gov
Jill Furbish Grants Administrator 269-4537 jill.furbish@alaska.gov
Glen Hamburg Local Government Specialist 269-4591 glen.hamburg@alaska.gov
Jake Hamburg Local Government Specialist 269-4521 jake.hamburg@alaska.gov
Tammy Helms Local Government Specialist 269-8122 tammy.helms@alaska.gov
Debi Kruse Grants Administrator 269-8131 debi.kruse@alaska.gov
Rachel Longacre Grants Administrator  269-4252 rachel.longacre@alaska.gov
D. Roy Mitchell Research Analyst 269-3646 roy.mitchell@alaska.gov
John Nickels II Local Government Specialist 269-4564 john.nickels@alaska.gov
Jessica Phipps-Graham Office Assistant 269-4580 jessica.phipps-graham@alaska.gov
George Plumley Planner 269-4546 george.plumley@alaska.gov
Diane Sam Local Government Specialist 334-0878 diane.sam@alaska.gov
Jimmy Smith Local Government Specialist 269-4132 jimmy.smith@alaska.gov
Jedediah Smith Local Government Specialist 269-4547 jedediah.smith@alaska.gov
Ruth St. Amour Local Government Specialist 269-4527 ruth.st.amour@alaska.gov
Jane Sullivan Local Government Specialist 269-4614 jane.sullivan@alaska.gov
Melissa Taylor Deputy Director 269-4540 melissa.taylor@alaska.gov
Brent Williams Local Boundary Commission 269-4559 brent.williams@alaska.gov
Lorence Williams Publications Specialist 269-4560 lorence.williams@alaska.gov
Nathaniel Wonser-Betz Planner 269-5939 nathaniel.wonser-betz@alaska.gov
Bethel Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Ken Berlin Local Government Specialist 543-3475 ext. 224 ken.berlin@alaska.gov
Eli Jacobson Local Government Specialist 543-3475 ext. 227 eli.jacobson@alaska.gov
Fred Broerman Local Government Specialist 543-3475 ext. 230 fred.broerman@alaska.gov
Dillingham Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Carol Luckhurst Local Government Specialist 842-1969


Melody Nibeck Local Government Specialist 842-5135 melody.nibeck-edgmon@alaska.gov
Fairbanks Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Pauletta Bourne Grants Administrator 451-2721 pauletta.bourne@alaska.gov
Jeffrey Congdon Local Government Specialist 451-2716 jeffrey.congdon@alaska.gov
Janet Davis Grants Administrator 451-2746 janet.davis@alaska.gov
Andy Durny Local Government Specialist 451-2756 andy.durny@alaska.gov

Caitlin Frye

Grants Administrator 451.2717 caitlin.frye@alaska.gov
Judy Haymaker Grants Administrator 451-2731 judy.haymaker@alaska.gov
Jeremy Johnson Local Government Specialist 451-2749 jeremy.johnson@alaska.gov
Kimberly Phillips Grants Administrator 451-2718 kimberly.phillips@alaska.gov
Brendan Smyth Local Government Specialist 451-2744 brendan.smyth@alaska.gov
Juneau Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Lawrence Blood Local Government Specialist 465-4751 lawrence.blood@alaska.gov
Claire Campbell Research Analyst 465-4752 claire.campbell@alaska.gov
Katherine Eldemar Division Director 465-3961 katherine.eldemar@alaska.gov
Jolene Julian Grants Administrator 465-4758 jolene.julian@alaska.gov
Lynn Kenealy Local Government Specialist 465-4814 lynn.kenealy@alaska.gov
Debbie Leamer Administrative Assistant 465-3961 


Danielle Lindoff Local Government Specialist 465-4733 danielle.lindoff@alaska.gov
Jean Mason Grants Administrator 465-5647 jeanine.mason@alaska.gov
Robin Park Grants Administrator 465-4731 robin.park@alaska.gov
Tom Sutton Internal Auditor 465-5550 tom.sutton@alaska.gov
Ryan Wilson Local Government Specialist 465-4813 ryan.wilson@alaska.gov
Kotzebue Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Margaret Hansen Local Government Specialist 442-3696 margaret.hansen@alaska.gov
Nome Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Iura Leahu Local Government Specialist 443-5457 iura.leahu@alaska.gov
Leroy Seppilu Local Government Specialist 443-5459 leroy.seppilu@alaska.gov

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