Community Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CCIAP)

Named Recipient Program: Aleutians East Borough

Educational Pamphlet: Protecting the Coastline and Wildlife from Fuel Oil and Debris

Chapter 15 SLA 09 allocates a portion of the State of Alaska's CIAP funds to the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development for legislatively-named recipents. The Aleutians East Borough was allocated $602,768 through this legislation. The Educational Pamphlet: Protecting the Coastline and Wildlife from Fuel Oil and Debris project is a project the Aleutians East Borough is carrying out with its CIAP funds. 

Project Location:

The Aleutians East Borough is located on the Alaska Peninsula. The coastline begins near Nelson Lagoon, approximately 580 miles southwest of Anchorage, and proceeds down to Akutan Island. It contains 2,547 miles of wild and scenic coastline.   

Project Timeframe:

July 15, 2011 to July 15, 2012

Award Amount:


Project Description:

There are approximately 500 commercial fishing vessels working the Aleutians East Borough’s waters and accessing the harbors and coastal facilities in the region. The Aleutians East Borough has identified fuel spills and the improper disposal of plastics and other materials as a hazard that affects the regions coastline and wildlife. Providing an educational pamphlet to the commercial fishing operators and public is an effective strategy to address the effects oil and debris have on the coastline and wildlife and provide information on prevention technologies and techniques.

The Aleutians East Borough will develop a pamphlet which will be distributed to commercial fishing operators and be available to the public. The pamphlet will address the effects fuel oil has on wildlife; the way commercial fishing operators can prevent and reduce fuel spills, it will explain that the discharge of oil is illegal; and address the effects the disposal of plastics and other materials in the ocean have on the surrounding coastline and wildlife. 

Copies of the pamphlet will be mailed to the known commercial fishing vessels and be available to others that enter the Borough’s waters. The pamphlets will be available to the public at the Akutan Harbor, False Pass Harbor, King Cove Harbor, Sand Point Harbor and all City offices in the region and on the Aleutians East Borough website commercial fisheries link at

Project Status:

This project is complete.

Project Documents


Aleutians East Borough main point of contact for CCIAP is:

Anne Bailey

Community Development Coordinator
Phone: (907) 274-7555

For more information contact:

Sally Russell Cox

Division of Community and Regional Affairs
Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Phone: 907-269-4588
FAX: 907-269-4066