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The Local Government Online (LOGON) website has an intended audience of second class cities; however, information for other classes of municipalities is also included here. Second class cities are, by far, the most numerous form of local government in Alaska. Typically, they are located in remote areas, have small staffs, and lack sufficient financial resources to research topics dealt with in LOGON on their own. This site provides reference material for second class city staff and officials that, otherwise, would be difficult or costly to collect and research.

Subject chapters are listed on the left hand side of the page, under LOGON Links. This will be your primary navigation route and subsections are listed under their main chapters. Each page will have a standard format of drop-down subsections that, when selected, will expand open. See below for examples.

    This subsection will be a short and general overview of the given topic.
    This is a longer subsection of the topic's page that provides more detailed information.
Frequently Asked Questions
    This subsection lists common questions and answers.
Additional Resources
    This will have subtopics that are bulleted, for example:
  • Publications: This will link to existing publications.
  • Sample Documents: This will have sample documents in Word, PDF, or Excel.
  • Recommended Web Search Topics: This will have key terms or phrases to assist with further research.
Applicable Laws and Regulations
    This subsection of each page will have subtopics that are bulleted, for example:

  • Alaska Constitution
  • Alaska Administrative Code
  • Alaska Statutes