Community Aid & Accountability

The Community Aid and Accountability Section provides communities with state and federal financial aid for the delivery of local public services while ensuring the communities meet all state and federal eligibility standards. Our goal is to provide advice, technical assistance, training and other resources to assist communities with local financial and government administration issues.

Special Notice

CRS payment amounts have been determined. Per Alaska Statute, the fund balance and payment amounts must be determined on June 30th and the money from the fund becomes available after July 1st. However, this year, the State of Alaska is merging to a new Financial Accounting system. This switchover will occur on July 6th. The new system (IRIS), will be unavailable for any transactions until July 6th. Once it is available, our Fiscal section can begin entering the payments. This process takes several days to complete. Based on the workload, payments may process as late as August 6th. The Fiscal section strives to process all payments within 30 days.

Community Aid Program Descriptions, Statutes and Regulations
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For more information contact:

Community Accountability

Lawrence Blood
P.O. Box 110809
Juneau, AK 99811
907-465-4761 (FAX)

Community Aid

Danielle Lindoff
P.O. Box 110809
Juneau, AK 99811
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(907) 465-4761 (FAX)