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Activity Update
Legislative Report - Available Now
Online Locations Library - Teleconference
Online Crew and Service Provider Listings

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Activity Update

The new year has gotten off to an exciting start for the Alaska Film Office. Several productions were actively scouting and should complete their pre-qualifications soon. As of today, 14 productions are pre-qualified for the Film Industry Tax Credit and another 4 productions have been issued tax credits totaling $244,546.53. The pre-qualified productions anticipate spending over $36 million in Alaska and could receive nearly $12.5 million in tax credits.

In addition to the 8 non-fiction TV programs that have pre-qualified, there are two feature films, two documentaries, an IMAX 3D production and a made-for-TV drama in the list of pre-qualified productions. Several of them - mostly non-fiction TV - have completed shooting and are being audited. We expect to see their final application packages in the next few months. The pre-qualified features are awaiting greenlights, largely due to the difficulty of putting together their financing and distribution packages.

The Film Office has placed ads in industry publications: P3, several of the guild magazines (DGA Quarterly, DGA Monthly and Produced By) as well as the Association of Film Commissioners International's (AFCI) Locations Magazine. We're being careful to target decision makers - those who can and do decide where to film - Producers and Directors in particular. We're also trying to time our advertising to coincide with industry events like the American Film Market (AFM) and the AFCI Locations Trade Show.

Speaking of the AFCI Locations Trade Show (LTS), the Film Office will have a booth at this important industry event and representatives of the Alaska Film Group will join us.

An important component that we're working on is developing the market for tax credits once they've been issued. So far, of the four tax credits issued, three have been bought by one company. While we're glad that they have recognized the value of the tax credits to their bottom line, one purchaser isn't a market. It is critical that the Alaska business community learn about the availability of these tax credits - and that they can result in an immediate tax savings for their bottom line. We're reaching out to the business community, but we also need your help. As you're talking to your vendors, mention Alaska's film tax credits and tell them to visit or give us a call if they have questions.

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Legislative Report - Available Now:

The Alaska Film Office's annual report to the Legislature is available now on the film office website:

The statute that re-instituted the Alaska Film Office and created the Alaska Film Industry Tax Credit requires a report to the Legislature within 30 days of the start of each session. This year's report is the second, and both are now available online.

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Alaska's Online Locations Library - Teleconference

Filmmakers are actively looking for places to film - and they are looking for places that match their internal vision. We all know that Alaska offers an endless supply of great locations - the real determining factor is the budget. None-the-less, filmmakers want to be able to search for just the right place to match their vision, and in today's world of online instant gratification we need to give it to them or they'll go to someplace that does.

To make that possible, we have invested in ReelScout, a location database widely used by film offices around the country. Now we have this great tool that filmmakers can use to search for just the right location but we're having a hard time filling up the database with useful images and information. We started with the State's image bank but the images are dated and the location information is sparse, and in some instances, simply incorrect.

Our challenge: how do we fill a database so that when, for example, a filmmaker is looking for an "Alaska Log Cabin" we can supply a variety of places around the state that are visually interesting, accessible and most importantly, available? We realized the obvious place to start is with you: folks who have a vested interest in seeing filmmakers choose Alaska locations instead of other places. To that end, we've worked with ReelScout on a module that will allow anyone to upload locations to the database. We don't anticipate opening it to the public at large, but we hope that many of you will be willing to help us develop our database by providing location information and photographs.

We've scheduled a teleconference for Tuesday, February 16 from 2 to 3 pm to talk about the technology and to give a quick overview of how to use it. We'd encourage anyone interested to call in:
The number is 1 (800) 315-6338 | authorization code: 8190#.
You'll also want to tune your browser to
If you can't make that date, we're planning another session in March.

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Online Crew and Service Provider Listings

The online Crew and Service listings module of ReelScout is our primary way of connecting filmmakers with the crew and service resources they'll need to work in Alaska.

  • Are you listed?
  • Are you appearing in both the Crew listings as an individual and in the Support Service listings for your business?
  • Is the information in your listing(s) current and up-to-date?

Take the time to review and update your listings frequently - it's the best free marketing tool you'll find. And there is another reason to check your account often: when a production asks us for assistance with a crew call, we'll post that information on the "reeljobs" link on your account homepage.

Questions about your listing? Give us a call!

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