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Municipal Land Trustee Program
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The Municipal Land Trustee (MLT) Program carries out State of Alaska
trust responsibilities for unincorporated villages including accepting, administering,
or disposing of land conveyed to the State of Alaska in trust by village corporations
per Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Section 14(c)(3).


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The responsibility for accepting and administering municipal trust land has been assigned to the DCCED by state law (AS 44.33.755). The Municipal Land Trustee (MLT) Program, carried out by DCRA Planning and Land Management staff, performs the functions required by federal and state law.

The settling of ANCSA 14(c) claims and survey of the land allows Native village corporations to convey land to individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, cities, and the State of Alaska. These conveyances provide 14(c) land claimants with the land interest needed to secure funding for development projects. Many have completed the process and have transferred the land. The pie chart illustrates the current status of Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) 14(c) conveyances and DCRA assistance.

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