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Community Photo Library
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Community Photo Library - Photo Usage Policy

In general, photographs may be used for the following purposes:

A. Illustrating stories about Alaska;
B. Illustrations in Alaska travel guides, textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.;
C. Slide shows that promote Alaska or for educational purposes;
D. Brochures and advertising produced by small tourist-oriented businesses for the purposes of promoting travel to Alaska;
E. Brochures and advertising used for the purposes of educating and disseminating public information relating to social services;
F. Brochures, booklets, reports, posters, displays and media advertising produced by the State of Alaska, Alaska communities, or Alaska regional marketing and nonprofit organizations;
G. “Fair use” purposes of education, critique and research.

Photographs may be used in printed publications, on CD-ROMs or Internet sites. All of these images must contain an appropriate photo credit and copyright notice (©). Information about each photo is noted in the photo description and date section, at the bottom of each thumbnail and at the individual community listing.

None of the images in the Community Photo Library may be used for the following purposes:

A. Commercially sold products such as posters, postcards, picture books, calendars or marketing materials for private businesses;
B. Illustrating material that depicts Alaska in a negative light.
C. Any political purposes whatsoever.

Regarding photographs of people:

Once permission is granted to use an image from the Community Photo Library, please understand that the State of Alaska does not have permission from most subjects to use their photographs.

However, it is generally considered acceptable to use a photo for editorial purposes without the permission of the subject person. Editorial use is considered the interior of books, magazines and newspapers. Use of photographs containing children is strictly prohibited. If you should use a photograph depicting a person in an advertisement or endorsement, you will be using it at your own risk and may be responsible for compensation damages.

If you need additional information please contact Research and Analysis.