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Tara Jollie
Director of the Division of Community and Regional Affairs

Tara JollieTara Jollie was appointed Director of the Division of Community & Regional Affairs (formerly the Division of Community Advocacy) on July 31, 2007. Prior to this appointment, Tara served the state as a senior program manager for twenty years before her retirement in 2006. Tara began her career in public service with the Department of Community & Regional Affairs Job Training Partnership Office which was moved to the Alaska Department of Labor in 2000. Although Tara’s career has brought her to virtually every part of Alaska over the years, she brought a commitment to services in rural Alaska that didn’t go unnoticed. Tara was honored with a Legislative Citation in 2002 from the Alaska State legislature for outstanding service and commitment to the people of Western Alaska. As Director of Community & Regional Affairs, Tara Jollie will lead the division’s efforts to provide services that will help Alaska’s rural lifestyle thrive. DCRA provides assistance to a wide variety of local and regional organizations. Its primary constituent group is cities and tribes. The Division also provides substantial services to regional entities such as boroughs, coastal management districts, and regional health, tribal, and economic corporations.

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