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Local Government Assistance
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Picture of Pilot Station
Pilot Station, on the northbank of theYukon River, population 526.

Alaska statutes and regulations define the powers and responsibilities of local governments. DCRA was created to assist local governments in utilizing these powers to improve the quality of government and life in communities.

Assistance can be provided or arranged on just about any aspect of municipal government. Examples of assistance and training topics or activities provided by DCA include:

  • Interpreting Title 29 and other laws or regulations affecting or defining municipal authority and procedures;
  • Local government administration and management;
  • Elected officials training on the responsibilities, laws and meeting procedures;
  • Workshops specific for city clerks, administrators, mayors and others responsible for day-to-day management of a municipality;
  • Instruction in conducting local elections;
  • Understanding and implementing alcohol control measures authorized under Title 4 of the Alaska Statutes;
  • Technical advice on ordinance writing and codification;
  • Grant project development and application preparation;
  • Leading communities through a process that leads to community visions for the future; and
  • Workshops for effective boards and commissions.

Community Financial Management Assistance

Helping communities improve financial management and records is a priority for the Division of Community and Regional Affairs. Effective financial management practices and good record keeping are the foundations for community efforts to deliver services efficiently and effectively. These skills and abilities are made all the more critical by the sharply reduced revenues that most smaller cities are receiving.

Contact a Local Government Specialist in any of DCRA's Regional Offices
to inquire about this assistance.

Alaska covers a huge geographic area. To provide for more direct and efficient services to communities, the Division has seven regional offices located around the state.