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School Consolidation Study
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City Incorporation in Alaska

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Table of Contents

Introductory letters from Governor Murkowski, LBC Chairman Hargraves and DEED Commissioner Sampson, and Table of Contents

Part I

Background - includes information on the Legislative directive, the proceedings, types of school districts in Alaska, and the history and law behind education in Alaska.

Part II

Part II covers the opportunities for school consolidation and recommendations. Because Part II contains a massive amount of information, it has also been broken out into four separate documents for easier downloading.

Part II-1

Pages 21 - 30 of the report.

Part II-2

Pages 31 - 40 of the report.

Part II-3

Pages 41 - 50 of the report.

Part II-4

Pages 51 - 60 of the report.

Part III

Contains conclusions regarding school consolidation.


Definitions of terms used throughout the report.

Appendix A

June 6, 2003, Press Release "Murkowski Approves Full Education Funding," and June 6, 2003, Letter from Governor Murkowski to All School Superintendents.

Appendix B

Biographical and Background Information on the Local Boundary Commission and the Department of Education and Early Development.

Appendix C

November 6, 2003, Letter from Senator Wilken.

Appendix D

November 10, 2003, Letter from the LBC and DEED.

Appendix E

Public Comments in Response to November 10 Letter from the LBC and DEED.

Appendix F

School District Profiles.

Appendix G

School District Comparisons: Data Tables and Charts.

Appendix H

Fundamental Nature of Boroughs and Cities in Alaska.

Appendix I

Letter from Attorney General Norman Gorsuch to Governor Bill Sheffield, May 21, 1985, HCS CSSB 208 (HESS).

Appendix J

History of Haines Borough Incorporation and Annexation.

Appendix K

Model Borough Boundaries.

Appendix L

July 9, 1962, Memorandum from Hugh J. Wade, Alaska Secretary of State, to Governor William A. Egan Regarding Bristol Bay Borough.

Appendix M

Department of Education and Early Development Calculation of Foundation Formula Savings in the 10 City School Districts with Less Than 250 Students.

Appendix N

Governor Murkowski's January 13, 2004, State-of-the-State Speech.

Full Report

A complete copy of the report. This is a large document and is recommended for download only by those having a broadband internet connection (cable modem, DSL, T-1, or satellite internet connections).


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