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Approximately 65% of Alaska is owned and managed by the U.S. federal government as public lands, including a multitude of national forests, national parks, and national wildlife refuges. Of the remaining land area, the State of Alaska owns 24.5%; another 10% is owned by 13 regional and dozens of local Native corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (1971). Various private interests own the remaining land, totaling less than one percent. Due to the various managers of Alaska’s land and coastline, this website's intent is to help users figure out who's planning Alaska.

State Agencies

Federal Agencies

Planning by Local Governments
Title 29 of the Alaska Statutes requires that home rule, first and second class boroughs, unified municipalities, and first class and home rule cities outside of boroughs provide planning, platting, and land use regulation. For information on local governments, visit the Community Database Online or visit the Plans Library.