(ANCSA) Regional Corporation:
Koniag, Incorporated
Village Corporation:
Bells Flats Natives Incorporated
Womens Bay, also known as Bells Flats, is a historic native community. Bells Flats Natives Incorporated is dissolved, but is listed in the CDO for historic purposes.
1. ANCSA 12(a) land entitlement to village corporation from federal government.
2. ANCSA 12(b) land reallocated to village corporation from Regional Native Corporation.
3. Under ANCSA 14(c)(3), village corporations must reconvey certain land to the local city government or the state in trust to provide for community use and expansion.
4. Recognized village group which represents the views of residents on municipal trust land acquisition and management in accordance with AS 44.33.755(b) and 3 AAC 190.110 - 150.