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Learn and Serve America engages students in structured, hands-on service projects that meet community needs and, at the same time, helps participants develop personal, civic and academic skills. Service-learning builds upon students’ service activities by providing them with opportunities to learn by preparing, leading, and reflecting upon their service experience.

ASCSC currently sponsors two year round Learn and Serve programs in Alaska.

Grants may be available for short or long term service learning programs. Click here for more information.

Anchorage School District Wendler Middle School
Youth Serve Program
Wendler's vision for service-learning is to have all community members help the school become a model for the integration of service-learning into the academic program. Their goal is to help each student take their academic skills and provide a service to the community that will enhance their learning experience.

Hydaburg School District
Provides the students vocational experiences in the food service industry while providing the elders of Hydaburg healthy meals on a day when food service is not available to them. Students have the opportunity to build community service experiences and promote positive school-community relations.

Sitka Community Schools
Service Learning as a peer helper program, which is designed to serve as the first opportunity for students in distress or experiencing problems. Students are trained in intervention techniques and have access to a network to assist students in distress.

Dzantik’l Heeni Middle School, Floyd Dryden Middle School and
Juneau-Douglas High School

Supports after school service clubs, which enables students to participate in safe and supervised environments outside of the school hours. At the high school level, the service learning class provides a chance to contribute something valuable to the community while gaining work experience and career skills. This also enhances civic responsibility through work performed for the benefit of the community.

No Child Left Behind
By linking the Title I, Part H of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 with service learning, students in school wide or targeted assistance programs will be introduced to concepts and experiences that will address drop-out of school prevention and preparedness for the workforce, while instilling strong community values. These programs will be designed with components and strategies to include tutoring, peer counseling, and cooperative learning and other approaches to counseling and mentoring.

In 2003 approximately $53,000 of funding will be made available to public and private schools or teachers for small grants to support service learning. The Request for Proposals will soon be posted on this website.

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