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How To Join
While many of the AmeriCorps programs recruit only locally, you should contact ASCSC AmeriCorps programs directly. You can help to enhance the quality of life in Alaska by participating in ASCSC sponsored AmeriCorps programs.

Program Vacancies
You should contact individual programs directly if you are interested in becoming an AmeriCorps member. If you are not sure which program you want to serve with, you may contact the Commission directly to discuss each program and apply if you wish.

What benefits will I receive as an AmeriCorps Member?
As an AmeriCorps member, you'll receive a wealth of benefits, starting with the satisfaction of getting things done for and with people who need your help. Whether you're tutoring kids, building homes, clearing trails and streams, mobilizing resources to create a local health clinic, or doing any of the hundreds of other goal-oriented AmeriCorps projects, you'll be able to really see the results of your work, and the smiles on the faces of the people you work with.

But there's more! As an AmeriCorps member, you'll be eligible for a variety of benefits that make the dedication of a year of your life a success.

  • Money for College - After you successfully complete a year of full time AmeriCorps service, you will be eligible for an education award of $4,725.
  • Living Allowance - If you serve full-time, you'll receive a modest living allowance. You won't get rich from it, but other AmeriCorps members have found that it covers their basic expenses.
  • Help with Student Loans - If you already have student loans, you can use your education award to help pay them off. And while you're an AmeriCorps member, you may be eligible for deferment and forbearance on your student loans.
  • Health Insurance- all members are provided with basic medical coverage.
  • Child Care Assistance - for qualified applicants
  • Career Experience - AmeriCorps members frequently talk about the difference the experience has made in their careers - from technical job skills to experience as a manager, team member, coordinator, facilitator, and developer. AmeriCorps members get things done, and that kind of results-oriented experience pays off when you're finished with your service and considering your next steps, whether in education or employment.
  • Personal Satisfaction - of building a community & helping your state and nation

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