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How to Get Your Images on this Site

If you are an Alaska photographer with images similar to those on this site and would like to be included on this site, read on!

Since the AlaskaPhotoLibrary is an image driven site, we ask that photographers submit images that represent their current areas of expertise along with their contact information. After you fill out and submit the required information, your images will be reviewed by our photo editor for appropriateness and you will be notified of their inclusion. Please note that we required that you have an Alaska Business License before we can consider your images for our site.

This website was developed to incorporate the basic principals of photographic e-commerce including:

  • access,
  • intellectual property protection, and
  • education of the public.

We have tried to protect your property rights in the following three ways:

  • copyright information is imbedded in the bitmaps of all images,
  • the entire digital collection is registered with the Library of Congress, and
  • researchers are informed of the licensing restrictions for each image before use.

Although we cannot pay for the images, we can provide you with an interactive place to display your photographs and contact information in exchange for the non-exclusive rights to offer your images in our library for the following purposes:

  • Illustrating stories about Alaska;
  • Illustrations in Alaska travel guides, textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.;
  • Slide shows that promote travel to Alaska;
  • Brochures and advertising produced by small, local Alaska-owned and based tourism-oriented businesses for the purpose of promoting travel to Alaska;
  • Brochures, booklets, posters, displays and media advertising produced by the State of Alaska, Alaska communities, or Alaska regional marketing organizations;
  • "Fair use" such as research, critique and education.

We also allow the photographs to be used in printed publications, on CD ROMs, or on Internet sites. None of the images in this library may be used for the following purposes:

  • Commercially sold products such as posters, postcards, picture books and calendars;
  • Illustrating material that depicts Alaska in a negative light;
  • Any political purpose.

If a researcher would like to use your image for a use not listed above they may click on it to contact you directly for further usage rights and/or to find similar images. We will also group all of your images on one page for an overall presentation at a glance.

If you would like to submit your images, please send them to us on a Professional Kodak Photo CD.

With each photograph we will also need the following information:

  • a printed image or description of each image;
  • a brief informative caption describing the photo in ten words or less;
  • the location and region of Alaska where it was taken; and
  • any existing information regarding model's releases associated with the photo.

We will convert your images to our formats --- a screen-sized JPEG, a thumbnail JPEG, and a higher resolution tiff suitable for printing (if your permission is given) and include with the image our library code and your copyright. To facilitate this process, click on the form below, print it out, fill in, and send back with your CD of images.

Thank you for your interest in our site.


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